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Gria Raya Inovasi Teknologi (GRIT) is a company engaged in the field of IT development, from design to maintenance.

As an IT Company, GRIT has a home philosophy with Algoritm & Programming as the Foundation.
5 Main Pillars as a support pillar :

  • Microservices
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Machine Learning (ML)
  • Financial Technology (Fintech)
  • Biometrics

Our History

  • 2016

    Berawal dari sebuah CV Gria Inovasi Teknologi, yang didirikan tanggal 15 Juli 2016, mencoba merajut mimpi membangun sebuah Startup Company

  • 2018

    Bertransformasi menjadi PT Gria Inovasi Teknologi pada tanggal 4 Juli 2018, Dikuatkan kembali dengan akta perubahan tanggal 27 Februari 2019

  • 2021

    Ber-metamorfosis menjadi PT GRIA RAYA INOVASI TEKNOLOGI Pada tanggal 10 April 2021 Dalam rangka mangambil peluang yang lebih luas dan menyambut kesempatan yang lebih banyak

Our Services

We are focusing to the Service Excellent and target planning.

Web & App Development

With modern knowledge, we made better web and applications backends. We are fluent in both monolithic and microservices architecture development, and we do not limit the programming language we use, we configure the best for every tools we use. We offer reasonable price for complex tecnologies implementation.

Outstanding Design

Exceptional websites and app experiences are a blend of the right message and the right technology. Our interactive design approach focuses on usability, impact, and achieving results.


With prominent experiences, GRIT gave consulting for IT development. We will provide best options about development: small or large scale, Java or Python, Postgre or Oracle, VPS or Dedicated, Google or Azure, and all about technology. We also have options for local host providers.

Database Design

Our database masterpiece designed and tuned well by DB professional which had worked for massive transactions DB for many years. We also did benchmark for some DB engines.

Our Products

inFRan Face Recognition

Infran is biometrics technology, face recognition, is a one of flagship products from GRIT

Download Infran product spesification


Papyrus is Optical Character Recognition platform. You can send your scanned document by API and get the Text


Medialisa is application that can be used to view all information and responses on social media, not only it also takes information on the YouTube platform as well as a discussion forum on Kaskus


NERGRIT is NLP product which used to extract Named Entities from article or news, get sentiment analysis and statement extraction. NERGRIT Corpus also open-sourced.


Daunlontar is Accounting Platform. You can do accounting both on cloud or on premise.

Kuping Gajah

Kuping Gajah is chat server and client written on top of C and Kotlin designed for high performance and secure chatting.

Our Projects


Sifataru is a web-based GIS and spatial planning tool build for Kementrian ATR/BPN

BRILian Run

BRILian Run is annual running event from Bank BRI. On 2019, GRIT helped the EO building this platform


Naabil is one of CSR product from Pasopati and GRIT. Naabil is islamic website for reading Qur'an, Hadith and watching preaching videos from famous preachers


Speech Engine has the ability to convert video or audio into Indonesian text. Video or audio is sourced from or uploaded files.

Our Partners

GRIT is currently helping partners to do their tasks and assignments

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